Monday, 14 April 2008

My 19 month old can read!

Ok, that title may be a little deceiving. Sacha cannot read actual words, per se. What he can do, however, is pick out, with his keen observational skills and his ridiculous omniscience, a variety of logos and locate every object in the house (or city) that has the same logo, even if Col. Mustard or I have never noticed these before.

I present to you The Dictionary of Sacha-ese.  Please note that these items are not in any sort of alphabetical order, nor order of importance in his mind.
This means "Thomas or Bob the Builder"

This one means "Bob the Builder" and "Thomas the Tank Engine".

Obvious, no?

This one is fairly obvious, right?

This means "where we rent Thomas videos"

This one means "the place where we go to get Thomas videos, and MUST continue to obtain Thomas videos at every possible occasion."

This means "timbits, coffee, and eating"

This one means "eating, timbits, coffee, Mmmm."

This means "the grocery store where we buy bananas"

This one means "the place where we buy bananas."  Yes, they sell bananas, but they also have very narrow aisles and really cramped self-bagging quarters, which are not to my liking.  But we buy bananas there.

This means "Our car"

This one means "Maman and Sacha's car." Not to be confused with Daddy's car, which is a Kia Rio.  Not that there is anything wrong with Kias.  But I love my Prius.  Sacha loves his Prius.  He points to it and declares that it is HIS car.  I then remind him that it is OUR car.  I don't think he buys it.

This means "the grocery store where we buy toilet paper" (huh?)

This one means "the place where we go buy toilet paper." I have no idea why he thinks we buy toilet paper at A&P. I don't even really like shopping there, since their shelves are poorly stocked and the prices aren't that great. Although, on second thought, this association may be due to the fact that he saw me use a plastic A&P bag as a garbage bag in our bathroom.  And the garbage is located beneath the toilet paper roll.

This means "where Maman bought a new vacuum"

This one means "the place where Maman bought her new vacuum."  Which apparently only Maman uses.  Not to be confused with Daddy ever vacuuming.  Or cleaning in general.  In Sacha's eyes, only Maman cleans.  Not only that, it is what I spend most of my day doing.  Except when I am on the toilet: while on a little shopping trip to Home Depot with his Daddy, Sacha pointed to every toilet and declared "Mama!".  But that's a whole other issue I may have to take up with him at a later date.

This means "everything in our bathroom"

This one means "everything in our bathroom, especially cough drops and generic antacids which Maman must consume every day."

Ah, what ISN'T a Kenmore in our house?

This one means "vacuum, fridge, waffle maker, blender, play kitchen, and hot sauce."  Not too sure how the hot sauce has come to be labeled as Kenmore, but then again, I do NOT spend all of my time vacuuming or on the toilet. Seriously, I don't.  Ask my husband.  Wait, don't.

Aren't you impressed? I know I am.


  1. HA! Kenmore and hot sauce. That's awesome!

    Bubba pulled out Ty-man's Ferrari book, pointed to a silver Ferrari (same color as Ty-man's Acura) and stated, "Papa's tar!"

    If only...

  2. I'm loving the toilet one!!!

  3. If it's not reading, it's really close.

  4. Hmm, now I feel all inadequate as Elliot only recognized the DQ and Boston Pizza symbols at that age. Must purchase :)

  5. Hmm, now I feel all inadequate as Elliot only recognized the DQ and Boston Pizza symbols at that age. Must purchase :)

  6. My kids could spot the Golden Arches and the KFC signs before they turned two.

    I was such an awesome mom.


  7. I'll never forget the day that CJ picked out the "Chuckie Cheese" sign as we flew down the highway. We'd never BEEN to Chuckie Cheese but he must've seen it advertised on TV. That was the day that I knew I was doomed. :)


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