Friday, 4 April 2008

Bad Kat-ma

Mr. Dash had it coming.

Kids, cats, and stickers don't mix

I know I should have stopped it. But I didn't.

Oh, poor Mr. Dash!

I just thought it was a very creative way for Sacha to express his distaste for Mr. Dash's annoying habits. That, or it was just too funny to stop. What's more, Mr. Dash didn't move. He just sat there and let Sacha cover him with Dora bling. I guess Dora rocks his kitty-world or some such nonsense.

Where is the kitty?

Sacha then decided to play a little hide and seek with Mr. Dash. Or maybe he just wanted to placate him with stuffed animals so that he would go to sleep and shut the hell up.

SOMC - the new version

Hmmm...definitely NOT hide and seek. Maybe squish and squeak is more like it.

I know I should have stopped it, but if Mr. Dash wants to sit there and take it, I'm certainly not going to bed over backwards (or do any sort of bending at this point) to free him of his torturer. Besides, I think Dash kind of likes it, the masochist that he is.

Or he realizes that Karma is a bitch.

Or a son of a bitch. And his name is Sacha.

Are you talkin' to me?

PETA's worst nightmare


  1. I absolutely would have let him do it.

    Because karma is a son of a bitch.

    I love that!

  2. wow, he is jsut so cute. I would have let him too. I'm letting Evan explore our 2 cats and dog already. Good pets just sit still and let it happen!

  3. That is so awesome! Dora has never looked better.

  4. Love it! I too have an a-hole cat and I take sick pleasure in watching my 15 month old get right in his face and scream. She's happy to see him and he just sits there and takes it, so it's ok...right? :)

  5. I dressed my cats up in doll clothes.

    I was so kind to my cats as a child.


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