Thursday, 3 April 2008

Dear Dumbass

Dear Dumbass aka Mr Dash aka the feline who dwells in my abode,

Stop meowing at Sacha's door the second we put him down for a nap or for bed. It is extremely annoying and makes me want to hurl you out the window. Even though you wouldn't get hurt because the snow is all the way up to our windows anyway.


The one who feeds you


  1. silly cat. My dog does a little happy dance when the kids go to bed as if to say "mama when are those kids leaving? Serious?"

  2. Dear TOWFU
    I cannot make any noise when my mouth is full,
    hint hint.
    Alpha Animal and Omnipotent Ruler of Household

  3. You'd think when we left Basil outside all night that he would sleep all day. Wrong - he spends the first hour of inside time tearing through the house and yowling. This is after he's pigged out on his food and thrown up on the carpet.

    If we let him stay in at night, he spends the whole night getting in and out from under the covers on our bed. Why do I still love him?

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