Thursday, 15 November 2007


I was tagged for the seven random things meme by el burro over at Team Effort. Seeing how I am never one to let a meme go unnoticed, here goes:

  1. If my husband were in charge of this meme, every answer would contain the word boobies.

  2. I am an accomplished pianist with over 18 years of experience and training.

  3. When I started university, I wore a 34A bra. One year later, I wore a 34C. No surgery involved.

  4. On a trip to Paris with my husband, I spent approximately 49% of the time looking for washrooms or toilets or somewhere to pee. Damn "Hors Service" signs on those damn street pay-toilets!!!

  5. I am an expert at french-braiding my own hair, but can't do it worth shit on someone else.

  6. I have two brothers-in-law named Jason. It was almost three, but one engagement didn't make it to the aisle.

  7. When my son has massive poops, I leave the dirty cloth-diapers in the toilet for my husband to deal with when he gets home. The alternative would be him cleaning up my vomit.

And now for the tagging: Cate, Jackie, Krista, Dory, and Heather. Have at 'er!


  1. *takes the baton and runs with it*

  2. Man, my bra size didn't go up 2 sizes in college! I think I went to the wrong school!

    Thanks for the tag. I'll have to work on this over the weekend.

  3. Shoot, girl...we should have all gone to your college! I could have married a rich guy instead! hahaha!

  4. Your husband sounds like a keeper. Looks after the poopy diapers? I just about passed out when I read that. Thanks for doing the anonymous tag.

  5. #7 Now, that is one reason my husband being unemployed during my pregnancy has come in handy. I've designated him poop-diaper changer, since I've thrown up every time I've had to change one.

  6. I'll make you a comment whore button. Tell me what you have in mind. Email me at dorydorydory [at] yahoo dot com.

  7. oooh! a meme! i haven't done one in so long! :)

    when i got married, i was a 34C, and a year later i was a 40D....of course, there was a pregnancy in there somewhere! :)

    and the poopie diaper thing? ya, i sometimes leave the boys' danger-filled Fuzzi Bunz in the bathroom for hubby. i mean, i could do them, but Logan has a knack for getting into trouble while i'm out of the room and my hands are covered in i leave them!

    thanks for the tag...i'll try and get mine up in a couple of days!


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