Tuesday, 13 November 2007

How I met the husband: who is he?

For part one, see this post.

I replied to the e-mail, telling him a little about myself while trying not to divulge too much information.  I wasn't really looking for a relationship at that point, seeing how I still felt some attachment to that other guy.

That night, however, I had made plans to see the other guy and some friends while visiting my hometown.  We went out clubbing, and then he came back to my place and spent the night.  Sleeping, and I am being totally honest here.  Just sleep.  Turns out that I had been gone three weeks and he had already found himself not only a girlfriend, but the most annoying girlfriend that I could possibly imagine!  Seriously, I thought?  I'm gone three weeks and you just COULDN'T be alone?  Frick! Whatever, man!

The marginal attachment being thrown out the window, I decided to meet the mystery e-mail boy in real life that week in class.  I wore some fantastic forest green pants that made me look slender to make the best first impression. I eyed up all the boys in the front row, and decided that my e-mail boy had to be the cute dorky blonde boy.  He was a total keener and participated to the max in all of the class discussions, but he was smart.  Not your typical nerd who just likes to hear his own voice.  He spoke in well-constructed sentences and thought-processes, and I tended to share most of his opinions on all that literature crap.

I approached him after class.  He gave me a huge smile, and we talked as we walked toward our next classes (they were in neighbouring buildings).  By the end of the conversation, I knew that I wanted to see him again.  He, however, was completely unable to ask me out, as he seemed to have been suddenly struck with some sort of stuttering-mumbling disease.  I saved him from his ailment and asked him out for coffee on the following Friday.

It was a date.

Oooh, now it's getting interesting.  You'll have to check back here for more details!


  1. oooh! i can't wait till the next "episode"! :)

  2. Ooh, I'm just catching up. I love your description of Tony. That cracks me up. I remember him calling me and telling me he was going out for coffee with some girl from his English class. And oh, how excited he was!

  3. This is a great story so far. He sounds like quite a fella.


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