Thursday, 7 September 2006

It tastes so bad!

Sacha depends on me for everything.  I never fully realized it until now: if it weren’t for me, he would not be here.  I provide his food ( comes from my breasts), his clothing, his shelter, EVERYTHING.  Even if that means giving him medicine that I strongly suspect is making him fussy and gassy and forcing me to stay up all night and day rocking him and rubbing his tummy so that he feels better.

Too bad he loves the medicine so much.  It has that tutti-fruity flavoring in it, so he just laps it up like candy.  If he hated it, less of it would get in his mouth and he may not get as gassy as he is right now.  But, what can I say...his trusty pharmacist made it yummy tasting with ALL the best intentions.

THEN Sacha’s mommy has to shove vitamin D drops down his throat every day, even though the stuff is AWFUL tasting!  I tried it myself, and I thought that since it smells like Nibs, it should taste like Nibs.  HA!  Only if Nibs taste like fermented potatoes and cough syrop.

So it’s a countdown until the pink tutti-fruity devil drink is gone (4 more days!) and hopefully he will resume the bestowment of benevolent sleep hours to his worthy parents.

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