Monday, 4 September 2006

Eat, Poop, Sleep, Repeat

Sacha is a great baby.  Let me start with that.  But I am very nervous about tomorrow, which will be my first FULL day alone with him.  This means that no one is there to help me when I want to go to the bathroom, have a shower, eat, get pretty, or basically care for myself.  And I will be the first to admit, I LOVE my daily shower.
What is the trick?  How can I have a shower and fix my hair when I am alone with Sacha?  Poor kid will spend so much time in his vibrating chair in the bathroom with me he’ll learn to never want to shower (like his  I will also be honest about this:  I love nursing, but when he goes through his little marathon all-you-can-drink spurts, I feel as though my breasts are going to fall off.  Yup...fall off.  They say it gets worse when he hits a growth spurt.  I cannot imagine.
Another point of truth: I really rely on Tony to help me when Sacha is fussy.  Tony seems to be the master calmer-downer and Sacha LOVES sucking on Tony’s pinky finger.  It’s very soothing to him.  He is not as keen on my pinky because, granted, I have the milk machines.   Tony said he actually had a dream where he cut off his pinky and put it on a stick so that I could use it when he is at work.  Sadly, I don’t think this would work, for numerous reasons, although it did strike me as a fantastic idea in my morning state of sleepiness.
So for now, I am enjoying this little moment where I can write and chat on msn while Tony holds the little man.  Tomorrow, I’ll be elbow deep in poop and spit up and I may not answer the phone when you call to console me...

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