Thursday, 15 August 2013

The first duet

iBean loves to sing, just like her maman. Since she was in the NICU, I have always sung to her. I sang to all my babies, but each of them had their own special songs that I sang only for them. They are used to me singing around the house and rarely do they tell me to be quiet (unlike my sisters and I growing up with our mom...I am so sorry about that, Mommy!) Sometimes I sing kid songs, sometimes pop, sometimes just plain nonsense songs. Sometimes rap. Wait, that is nonsense...
iBean's lullaby is one that we adapted from an Elmo book, and has been her favourite bedtime song for the past couple of months. So much so that she sings it with me.  At first it was a few words, then a phrase, and now she sings the whole song with me, in a barely audible whisper.  Because it's bedtime, you know. Shhh...

I finally was sneaky enough to sneak my iPhone into her room while tucking her in for the night.  The lights were off, and I had set up my phone ahead of time to be ready to record. So when we started singing, I was ready. I recorded our little duet.
And this is a clip that I will treasure forever.

You know you are loved best.


  1. Beautiful!! Definately got some tears out of me. I have always done the same with my kids singing to them and around the house. My favorite times now are when were singing on the car :D

  2. Ooooooh my, that is so incredibly sweet. What a treasure.


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