Sunday, 20 May 2012

Real iced tea *face palm*

Sashimi and Keesadilla loves them some iced tea.  They love it at restaurants, they love it at the park, they love it at my parents' place when we roast hot dogs in their fire pit.

Wait. Scratch that.  They love "real" iced tea. 

Yesterday, I decided to make some homemade iced tea.  You know, with tea bags and hot water and lemon and sugar.  The kind that you have to let steep and then cool in the fridge for hours until it's actually "iced" and not just, well, tea.  While I was making it, the boys looked at me with a scrunched up "I smell a stinky bum" face.

Sashimi: What's that smell?
Me: It's iced tea.
S: That's not iced tea.  That smells like TEA!
M: Sashimi, this is REAL iced tea.
S: No, it's not!
M: Yes, it is.
S: No, I want REAL iced tea!  You know, the can with the powder that you mix with water...
M: That is NOT real iced tea.
S (because, of course, 5-year-old boys know everything): Yes it is!
M: Where do you think the name "ICED TEA" comes from?  It's TEA...that's ICED, which means COLD!
S: Well this smells gross.  I want the powder stuff.
M: Well, we're all out of powder, so if you want iced tea, you'll have to wait until this is cooled off.
Keesadilla (sticking his two cents in): NO!  I don't WANNA!  I WANT IT RIGHT NOW!

Bah.  So I put the jug in the fridge and waited for my freon to work its magic.  And shook my head at how something as simple as iced tea powder can make my kids so food-dumb.

Fast forward a few hours.  The iced tea is now ICED ICED BABY!  I poured myself a small massive glass and slammed it back like I used to do with Long Island Iced Tea ponies at the Moon Saloon when I was a skanky teenager.*  And by pony I mean those pitchers that are, like, half the size of a regular pitcher of beer.  And you looked sooooo sexy on the dance floor in your plastic leather pants, sipping from one of those pitchers filled with neon green alcoholic something-or-other while gyrating to some Destiny's Child billboard hit. Or "IIIIIIIIII'M Comin' up, so you betta get this party STARTED!!"

Anyhoo...let's jump back to 2012. I served the kids each a small glass of iced tea** with their supper.  Before they even realized it, they had drank it all and were asking for seconds.  Sashimi even said that it was BETTER than real iced tea.  *face palm*

* Quick note, I was never a skank in any way.  I always dressed in very loose paisley-print clothing that completely concealed my curves and cleavage.  I also spent all of my free time at church praying for those poor lost souls in the bar who would never find what they were looking for at the bottom of a pony.

** Just to clarify: there was no alcohol in the kids' iced tea. Only poor lost souls put alcohol in their iced tea.  Sheesh. 

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  1. Oh yes, my oldest is exactly like this. I give him something new to try and before he's even tasted it he says "I don't like it". We make him take one bite and 2 minutes later he's asking for more... ;)

    Also, your post notes make me laugh. A lot. ;)


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