Saturday, 5 November 2011

A tale of two nights

My night:
11:00 pm - Get into bed, play around on iMovie for awhile, look at iBean's preemie NICU photos
11:30 pm - lights out
2:30 am - iBean wakes to feed.  She has a fever and is hot like bacon.  She drinks a LOT.  Put her back in her crib. Go back to my bed.
2:50 am - iBean starts crying again. Go in, give her baby advil. Cuddle her, put her back in her crib.
3:00 am - iBean cries again. Go back in to her room, pick her up and rock her in my arms.  She finally falls asleep on my chest, so I bring her to my bed.
3:30 am - My neck is killing me with Ivy propped in my arms.  I ask Tony to grab me another pillow to prop my head up.
3:30 am -  iBean moans, groans, shifts in my arms, sleeps quietly for 5 minutes or so. Repeat incessantly for 2 hours.
5:30 am - I take iBean to her room and nurse her again.  Put her in her crib.  She seems to have settled.
6:00 am - Back to my bed!
6:51 am - iBean wakes up for the day.  She doesn't know she has a fever and wants to play.  I give her tylenol.  Look for the damn thermometer.  Where the FUCK is it?!  Why can I NEVER find the stupid thing when someone actually needs it?!  Oh well, she feels like she's not quite hot-tub warm.  Probably comfortable bath warm. Around 38.5˙C. Not emergency room hot. 
7:10 am - make COFFEE.  Eat sugary cereal.  iBean munches on cereal biscuit.

Tony's night:
11:30 pm - goes to sleep.
3:30 am - Gets Sarah a pillow.  Probably doesn't remember doing it.
7:49 am - Still sleeping.

Whatever, man.  WHATEVER.


  1. LOL. Oh the trials of the breastfeeding mama. If it makes you feel any better, I was in agony fighting heartburn indigestion and popping zantac like skiddles (Ok, I only had three...) from 1 am - 5 am. But I did get to sleep in this morning..

  2. Katie: heartburn SUCKS. I don't envy you at all...

  3. Oh, isn't this a true story!!! Oy. And I'm not even nursing anymore. :P


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