Monday, 31 October 2011


Keesadilla has a favourite park in town: Kinsmen Park.  It is his favourite park because
  • there are two "parks" within one large space
  • there are usually not very many kids there, so he gets the park all to himself.
It is not my favourite park because
  • it is not within walking distance of our house
  • it is in the middle of some cosmic wind tunnel
  • there never seem to be any other kids there, so no other parents to visit with.
  • there are too many fallen leaves for iBean to put in her mouth, then choke on, then barf up later
But once in a while, I indulge Keesadilla's persistent requests to go to Kinsmen park.  Today was one of them.
Today was my lucky day, as there was reading material for me when I arrived:

  Are kids really still graffitiing about Michael Jackson?

Hmm...bitch'zs. Is that like a boring bitch that makes you snore?

Your mom's vagina brought you into this world. RESPECT THE VAGINA!

I have no words.  This offends me as a grammar nazi.

Do they mean Pension of dicks?  Or Prism?  Or Prison?  I need some context here, people.
Graffiti irritates me.  So what if "Mort was here!!" And I know how to have a good time by myself, I don't need to "Call Jessica for a good time!" But grammatically errant graffiti pisses the hell out of me.  I took these five photos with my phone, but I could have taken a whole roll of film (am I dating myself by saying that?!). There were apostrophes where there shouldn't be, the classic your/you're debaucles and some strange punctuation usages making me think the vandal may have been Spanish. Don't forget the anatomically lacking penis and testicles, lacking so much that the artist had to write "penis" next to it, lest the observer think it is a rocket or a nose with hairy eyes.
Graffiti also pisses me off because although Keesadilla cannot read, Sashimi is starting to, and I don't want to have to explain to him why the word vagina is plastered all over the park. 


  1. Wow. And what is so difficult about your/you're anyway?

  2. Exactly, Katie. What IS so difficult about your/you're??

  3. Wow! That is horrendous. I hope someone cleans that up. That kind of language (gramatically incorrect or otherwise) does not belong in a playground.

  4. Jenny: Luckily, there was an employee from the Town emptying the garbage bins while we were at the park, so I told him about it. He checked out the damage and said they would get on it pretty fast, since permanent marker on plastic sets pretty quickly (and is harder to get out).

  5. you are hilarious. grammar horror would be my immediate reaction too. i have to admit though, prison of dicks is a pretty awesome term. ;)


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