Sunday, 26 October 2008

Kees and the No-Hawk

After receiving many questions and comments (mostly from relatives or close friends) about Kees's new do, and getting tired of hearing myself tell the story over and over, regardless of how humorous they thought it was, I decided to buzz it.


Sarah: 1

Faux-hawk: 0

Any questions?


  1. VERY cute! I can now see yesterday's pictures... that was quite a "do" he had going! Although I think it was also cute you were probably tired of the explaining!

  2. Good for you, hon! Sometimes, it's just better to start from scratch. My friend Kristi ended up buzzing her son's head when he was a year old because it was two shades of red and she got tired of answering the question, "Do you color your child's hair?"

    People are nuts.

  3. I think I may have done the same thing if I was asked repeatedly about it. The pictures made me giggle.

  4. Talia Nickonchuk27 October 2008 at 16:43

    I have gorgeous nephews.

  5. That's a very Nickonchuk head shape, I must say. Very Dede Victor, I find.

  6. Nothing like a Nickonchuk buzz cut.....

  7. Talia Nickonchuk29 October 2008 at 01:32

    I agree with Stef. Very Dede circa 1929/30 immigration.


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