Friday, 6 June 2008

Topless Fridays!

I realize that I have not posted in 3 weeks. Kees is now 3 weeks old. Coincidence? I think not.

Obviously having a new baby takes up a lot of my time, and add the fact that Sacha is 21 months old and just a tad jealous. Ok, he likes to smack his little bro upside the head when he is nursing. Or grab his face and try to pull it off. Or pull him off the boob. All of these resulting in my unlatching Kees, carrying him and his big brother by one hand to his room where he serves a time out for being so cruel to his baby bro.  Normal toddler fun, right?

Then there's the issue of feeding. Kees is a mere 3 weeks old and has already gained 3 lbs. So guess what I am doing most of the time...

How can you NOT love that face?!


  1. Wow, big boy! Yeah, I remember breast-feeding J-man with 20-month-old twins running rampant. Good times *said sarcastically*. Hang in there!

  2. He is SO gorgeous!

    I remember those days when I wondered why I bothered putting on a shirt.

    Topless Friday indeed!

  3. what a super cute picture. he's so adorable! :)
    3 lbs in 3 weeks, wow. powerful stuff! At least the first 2 weeks are done with. i found that the hard part...
    you can start moving normally after 2 weeks ;)

  4. oh my god he is adorable
    i want to see him SO bad!

  5. I was wondering where the topless came in with the picture of the baby... oh yeah! ;) He's a doll!

  6. Kees is handsome. Of course he is. He has good looking parents. Good job Sarah and Tony and thanks for another delightful great grandchild!!

  7. I know you've been busy (my 8 week old is 14 lbs and still likes to eat every 3 hours). He is absolutely gorgeous!

  8. What a gorgeous little guy :) He looks delicious!

    And re: what the Queen of Shake Shake said, with Torsten, there were mornings I *know* I didn't bother putting on my shirt. Pretty sure I checked the mail with boobs hanging out a couple of times too ;)

  9. Ah, Topless Fridays. Somehow they seem inappropriate now that I'm no longer breastfeeding. :)

    And thanks for sending me that pictures of Kees, it is my favorite one yet. He looks so wise and so sweet.


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