Sunday, 29 June 2008

I'll take R 4 Q Q Q and the batman symbol

This post is written in the spirit of random letters.  And I ask you to take a guess as to the origins of the title of this post.

Dear Sacha,

I love you, but for the love of Jesus would you do Maman a favour and not start screaming whenever your brother is crying?  Or when I have to turn my attention every so slightly toward the wee babe in order to, oh, I don't know, change his poonami of a diaper?  Also, if you could stop running out into the road  every time we park in the driveway and I let you out of the car while I am taking your brother out of the car?  And stop swiping your brother's soother out of his mouth when he is trying to relax! And could you PUH-LEEZE learn some words and start talking soon?  The ubiquitous "Eh! Eh! Eh!" while pointing to a bajillion things and getting pissed at me when I cannot figure out what you are getting at is going to drive driving me to drink.

Your loving, cuddling, ever subserviant,



Dear Kees,

I love that you sleep so well at night.  One waking per night?  Genius.  Sleeping seven and a half hours straight last night?  I could dance naked on my front lawn from giddiness. In keeping with the wonderful sleep theme, I would really appreciate if you could go back to being the nap king.  It was a good ride, napping for 2+ hours in the morning and afternoon.  The past week without these naps is going to drive driving me to drink.

Oh, and keep up the good eating and fattening up.  I likes me a chubby baby.

Love, cuddles and kisses,

The Moomy


Dear Pavement Ants,

I hate you, you low life scrum sucking pieces of shit.  There is no food for you to eat in the basement, unless you like eating shitty diaper wipes. If you continue to crawl out of the bathroom baseboards, I will be forced to continue employing Operation Dyson Aspiration-Extermination. And no, you cannot form a new colony in the canister of my beloved vacuum.  If only I could get the Orkinaters on your asses, I would.  But fortunately for you, I value the life of my baby more than your execution.  God help you when the new owners move in in three weeks.  They don't have kids.  They will not be so kind.

A sincerely pissed yet restrained,



Dear Weather,

You suck.  You send nice weather only to turn to grim torrential monsoon rains at a moment's notice. This is not acceptable, particularly when I am out walking with the mini humans in the half ton double stroller. The least you could do is provide more than a 2 minute warning.  Or throw down some umbrellas before you start washing away my sins.

A most penitent,

Mrs. Mustard


Dear Hips,

It's been over 6 weeks.  Although I appreciate the effort in making me appear "curvy", I would appreciate if you follow Waist's lead and reduce your size ASAP.  I would like to be able to wear some of my summer clothes on the odd day that it is actually summer outside rather than full length sweaty sweats.  All I am asking for is 3 inches.  That's not too much to ask.  Right?  RIGHT?


The Enabler


Dear blogosphere,

I am sorry I've been playing hookie.  But I had 30 absences in grade 12 calculus (a local bar saw a lot of me that term) while still getting a 97% term average and it sort of grew on me.  I'll try and be more studious and diligent.  Please don't flunk me!

Mrs. Mustard


  1. Can I add to these?

    Dear twins o' mine:
    How come every other kid I know who has gone through this "run around half-naked potty training" technique has figured out day-time potty use within 48 to 72 hours. How come we're still pissing on the carpet! Seriously? Gawd!

    Love, Mama

    Dear 1-year-old J-man:
    Seriously. I know you're needy. But I'm potty training your older brother and sister. Could you just cool it? Seriously?

    Love, Mama

    Dear Medical Community:
    Based on my experiences over the last two days with my twins, I feel I have the talent necessary, without medical school, to be both a urologist, proctologist, and child psychologist.


    Dear Mrs. Mustard:
    Quit worrying about the citizens of the People's Republic of Blogistan! You've just had a baby! And you have a toddler! We'll be here when you get back and when you find time to blog. Or breathe!

    Coal Miner's Granddaughter :-)

  2. Holy cow! Kees is a GENIUS. You go little boy what a great sleeper..but nap for mama okay? Pretty please. :)

  3. Is the title from Family Guy/Wheel of Fortune?

    And don't worry about taking time with the babes - The innernets will still be here, grading on a curve.

  4. I need to write a letter to my waist and hips. Nicolo also is sleeping through the night but only take power cat naps 25 min. max during the day.
    I am right there with you on loving the chub!

  5. How random is this... tonight we took Cory to see the "firemen" and at the fire hall there was a helmet with the name Nickonchuck on it! (yes, I know I spelled that wrong, but I swear it was the same as your name) I didn't get a chance to ask who it belonged to!
    OH yeah, and we have ant issues too. Our landlord swears he's going to spray the outside of our apartment... but they keep swarming. They are SO GROSS! And the come in through my sliding glass door and then I find mounds of dead ants in my kitchen. Ew!

  6. These were awesome! Oh how I can relate. Having two will start to suck less soon, I promise.


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