Sunday, 3 February 2008

Only a scare

We had a scare last night.

Sacha has been battling a cold, but seems to be mostly over it.  He has some coughing spells, but nothing major.  Last night, Sacha went to bed without incident, but was awake 30 minutes later, crying.  Tony went up to see what was wrong.  I soon heard him yelling for me: "Oh God! Hon!  Oh God!  Oh God!"

I ran upstairs and heard a coughing fit.  Tony was in the room, with the lights on, holding a brick-red faced Sacha, who was coughing his little lungs out.  He couldn't seem to get his breath.  Then, as quickly as it all started, it all quietened, and he laid his head on Tony's shoulder and closed his eyes.

Tony said that when he walked into the room, Sacha was thrashing in his tangled blankets, and then was gasping and wheezing, as though choking.  Not knowing what he could be choking on (as his bed is a safe haven), he grabbed him and started patting his back to help him along.  That's when I walked in.

We stayed with him until he fell back asleep and tucked him back into bed.  I was sufficiently freaked out that I spent the rest of the night tossing and turning, listening for every little noise and leaped out of bed at every cough.  The fear that I had as a new mother, afraid of SIDS, was back, thinking that my son would stop breathing in the night if I wasn't attentive enough.  I had to check his tummy to feel it rise and fall, confirmation of his breathing.  I had to stroke his hair and hold his hand, feeling his warmth, for fear that it may leave in a second if I wasn't careful.

I cannot fathom going through what she (and she and she and many others) have gone through.

I am thankful that it was only a scare.


  1. Oh My how scary! I'm so glad it was only a scare. ((hugs))

  2. Oh honey! That's awful. That is the worst feeling. I'm glad the little pumpkin is okay.

  3. It's a Happy Heiny's brand diaper. When I bought it the storefront (online) that I bought it from didn't have it, but she tracked one down from another retailer. You should check out all their patterns, they have some great ones and the diapers work really well, too! ;0
    So if you really want that frog one I'd suggest googling Happy Heiny's frog print diaper... good luck!
    And I'm glad Sacha is okay!

  4. Oh, Lord, hon. I'm so glad he's OK. I've always been terrified of SIDS and RSV (our twins were preemies). Anything like that is sure to bring back the old terrors. I'm glad he's OK and you'll be OK, too.

  5. (This is the other Krista ;)

    Ack - how awful! Thank God the little guy is ok.

  6. That is the ABSOLUTE worst feeling in the world...the abject terror something devastating is happening to your child and you are powerless to change it.

    I'm just so very happy that he is okay.

  7. Oh, thank God he's ok. What a horrible scare!

  8. Ugh - I'm really glad he's okay and that everyone made it through the night - Jaysus I can feel my stomach clenching for you guys.

  9. That is so scary. I still go see if Bubbies is breathing and have to put my hand on his stomach sometimes. I don't think you ever stop worrying about them. Praying you don't get anymore scares!


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