Wednesday, 13 February 2008

No title - just complaints

Sacha is in a mood today.  Oy vey.  This doesn't happen too often, but when it does, it always puts me on edge, making me dwell on the insignificant and usually benign irritants in my life.

  1. I can't get Sacha to give up his soother.  A few weeks ago, we took it away during the day with great success.  About 5 days later, he got a really bad cold and we gave it back to him.  Now, if he doesn't have his soother in his mouth, he walks around with his hand on his mouth in wonderment of his precious' whereabouts. Yesterday, it got so bad that he started dumping all the laundry hampers and taking the couch cushions off trying desperately to score some soother, screaming the entire time.  I decided to go "find" one (in my dresser) and gave it to him.  I couldn't take it anymore.

  2. I am tired of the constant back ache with this pregnancy.  Ugh.  Cannot get comfortable sitting, standing, lying, period.  Let alone trying to put out for the Col.

  3. I wish Sacha would never have learned to scream when he has his little fits. It is seriously the most obnoxious thing I've ever heard.  Well, aside from Col. Mustard's musical tastes.  But that's a whole other story.

  4. I wish Sacha would let me leave him with a sitter.  Alas, he screams and cries the entire time I am gone.  It would be nice to be able to go and get a haircut once in a while and not be destined to look like a cherry-picker all the time.

  5. This baby is giving me the worst heartburn I've ever had.  Mostly from my favourite comfort foods, like pasta, pizza, meat, those types of things. I've had to resort to buying extra-mild salsa.  Extra-mild!  I am so ashamed.

  6. I really miss Starbucks, and I just can't bring myself to drive 3 hours one-way just to go have have a yummy beverage.

  7. Tax time licks goat testicles, especially when one cannot look forward to receiving a refund because one has no income.

  8. I'm tired of this shit-hole town.  I cannot wait to move our asses out of here, even if it costs us a small fortune.  If it means only one kid can go to college, so be it.

  9. I'm tired of wearing glasses.  They totally throw off my groove.  Oh wait, my hair already does that.  And my big tummy.  Nevermind.

  10. I'm tired of hearing about Britney Spears.  Can we not all agree that she's gone psycho-hose beast and get back to some real news reporting?  Like whatever happened to Chunk from the Goonies?


  1. Goat testicles!

    And what DID happen to Chunk?? Where was his picture???

  2. Chunk is totally hot. I believe he is a lawyer. I have the Goonies DVD and they are on the commentary sitting around a table all together. It is fun to watch their takes on the movie.

  3. Ugh. Being pregnant sucks ass. I hear you on the heartburn. It was way worse the second time around. I think even water gave me heartburn near the end.

    And the screaming? Gah! Elliot used to do that too - hopefully he'll outgrow it soon. And dude, I thought you were leaving him with that sitter. Is that no longer happening?

  4. I wish I could send you a Starbucks by Expresspost. And I wish I could send your mom too.

    Don't you wish that pregnancy only lasted 9 weeks instead of 9 months?

    Only 6 more months in the shithole!

  5. He'll drop the soother voluntarily before he goes to junior high, guaranteed. None of my students use them.

    Sounds like time to institute Guys Bonding Night, where you do what you like and the guys do what they like, only in different places. But you make it sound like it is a big favour on your part to let them, that's the trick.

  6. Don't worry, the groove will be back soon... And if it's not then it's just a short wait till they're off to collage!

  7. "Tax time licks goat testicles."

    Bring it, girlfriend!

  8. My daughter was the same with her dummy (soother), it was like her best friend. We sent them off to Santa to give to little babies that needed them this year, which she accepted, but it broke my heart watching her say good bye to them. It felt like I had forced a mini bereavement on her! I know it was for the best, but I am not sure I could have gone through with it had it not been for my cold hearted wife.

    As for Chunk ...

  9. Oh how I remember those days. A babysitter finally took away the soother from one of my kids because I was too chicken. Try to have a happy Valentines Day knowing that spring always happens.


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