Tuesday, 5 December 2006

My son: the nudist

Can anyone explain to me why being naked is so fun?  In my experience, being naked means being cold, flabby, and observing a not so flattering reflection in the mirror.  In my son’s world,  however, being naked is next to orgasmic.  Well, he has no way of knowing what orgasmic means, but that really is the only way to describe the instant smile and flailing that follows the removal of his clothing and diaper.

Sacha lives for nudity.  Whenever he is in a funk, bored, contemplative, or just plain there, Sacha loves being naked.  All I have to do is strip his clothes off, and remove his diaper and it’s there:  instant nirvana.  The limbs start flailing, he reveals the widest of grins and starts cooing and trying to laugh, and rolls from side to side, all the while making as much noise as possible from hitting his feet against the floor or crib mattress.

What’s more, it kills me to put his diaper on.  The second that diaper is closed on one side, he grimaces.  Once the diaper is fully on, it’s tears and whimpering.  At first, I though maybe the cloth diapers weren’t comfortable, and that’s why he was crying.  However, after trying Pampers, I realized that it is not the diapers, as he cries just as much from the Pampers (and gets a nasty bum rash, to boot).  He just doesn’t like being restricted in the bum area.  Or in any area.

I would love to leave him be and let him be naked in his little Eden world underneath the mobile.  But then within a few hours, he would be flailing in a pool of his own excrement, which would be so much worse to clean up that the occasional urinary fountain while he basks in his nude paradise.

If anyone has any idea as to how I can accommodate his desire to be au naturel AND my desire to not have feces and urine covering his bedroom, please tell me!

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