Monday, 18 March 2013

Name my new baby - err - espresso machine!

My new baby arrived today.  It's a Bezzera Unica espresso machine. When our Saeco Odea Giro died on Christmas Day (what a terrible shame - the one day when the kids wake up extra especially early, and the poor thing passed on in its sleep), we knew that we wanted to upgrade.  My idea of upgrade was to get the cadillac of espresso machines - The Spaziale Vivaldi II. But at a cool $2500 (give or take) plus the cost of a quality grinder, my husband just wasn't biting.  "Why would you ever need to dispense hot water, steam milk and brew espresso at the same time?" To which I replied: "Why WOULDN'T I?"
So we compromised.  I decided that I wanted something with an E61 brewgroup, then I looked into a few different Bezzeras before finally deciding on the Unica. It is not a dual boiler, and requires some work when switching between steaming and extracting functions, but I think that once I do it for a week or so, I should have that technical part down.  Plus, I plan on making a fancy flow-chart to paste on the inside of my cupboard door so I can refer to it for all the little nuances: when to do a cooling flush, what order to push buttons, how many espressos I've already consumed in a day, etc.
The baby arrived at 3:00 pm, so I really did not want to consume an espresso at that time. Well, I did.  But I still had to unpack the grinder (his name is Rocky) and smell the fantastic beans that I got as a free "thanks for spending so much money" gift. But I did turn the espresso machine on, primed it, and steamed myself some milk to make a chai latt√©.  And it was fabulous.

But something this wonderful in my life needs a name.  So here is the contest. Leave me some name ideas.  I'll read them all and choose my favourite.  Whoever happens to be the mastermind behind the coolest name will receive a prize - based on where you live in proximity to my awesomeness, you will either get a mailable prize or a hand-deliverable prize, like, say, maybe, some ridiculously fabulous cupcakes made by yours truly:

 And no, I will not FedEx cupcakes to you.  But I will accept your cupcakes on your behalf.


  1. Rosita or something super Italian lol. Francesca!

  2. See my fb suggestions. I agree with the Italian theme (with the exception of Sven and Juan.

  3. East Coast Lynn :)20 March 2013 at 04:56

    What you arent going to send the cupcakes out East....then I am not giving you my absolutely fab name!!LOL HAHAHAHA


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