Sunday, 14 August 2011

Old School

Sashimi was watching Teletoon when Space Jam came on.  He had never seen it before.

Sashimi: Daddy, is this old school?

[caption id="attachment_692" align="aligncenter" width="277" caption="Are we old enough that this is now "old school"??"][/caption]




  1. Yikes, I guess it must be!
    And now I can't remember what he was referring to, but my son just told me today that something was "old school" when it really wasn't! So I guess... take heart, they're not quite old enough to really understand what old school even means? :)
    PS. Thanks for the comment! I'm just not that great at replying to them quickly...

  2. It is definitely Old School. The Michael Jordan aspect, the Looney Tunes aspect, the whole live-action-combined-with-animation thing = very old school.


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