Friday, 7 January 2011

Yummy in her Tummy

Tony and the boys had to head back to Peace River today. Before he left, I made sure that Tony had some one-on-one time with his little girl. He did kangaroo care with her. He said she was fussing on his chest and rooting around, trying to find his boobs! Since she was getting a feed of milk through her NG tube, they put a little milk on her soother and put it in her mouth and she LOVED it. She was satisfied with that and settled onto his chest. That excites me a lot, because now she will know that mommy's milk is good for her AND yummy. I get to try nursing tonight for the first time. She is doing really well with her increased feeds through her tube, and is getting 16 mL (a little over half an ounce) ever 3 hours. So much more than the 3mL per feeding they started with on Tuesday! They are increasing her feeds by 2mL every 6 hours now, so it will not take long for her to start gaining weight.

I also changed her diaper for the first time yesterday. That is tricky with all those leads and wires and cords! And then, just like any baby, as soon as I changed her, they took off her diaper to weigh her, she peed all over the nurse, and they had to change her again.

My blood pressure has been more stable today and in more of a normal range (130s/90s at the highest, 119/76 at the lowest) so I was taken off of one of my meds. Yippee! I was also moved to a private room for medical reasons (reduce stress while I try to get my blood pressure under control) and will be here until at least Monday as an inpatient. And best of all, my IV was removed today! No more pushing that darn thing around when I want to see Ivy, and now when I hold her, I only have her cords to contend with and not my own.
Praying for a good weekend (blood pressure-wise) and safe travels for Tony, the boys, and his mom (who will be helping him out in Peace River for the week).

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