Sunday, 29 March 2009

Words we rarely say

My sisters and I are close. We don't hide anything, we don't spare each other's feelings when we need to get something off our chest. But it seems as though we rarely take the time to utter the positive words brewing in our brains.

I am immensely proud of my youngest sister.

Angry tourist pose

If you recall, I posted this letter to my youngest sister about 18 months ago.

Now, she is a fully (mostly) self-sufficient adult*. She loves her work and is fantastic at her job. On top of that, she seems to be finally understanding the meaning of budget and financial planning. I never thought I would say those words about her!

She is a part of the social committee at said work (I think she heads up the committee) and organizes charity fund raisers and so on. She has a wonderful man in her life, who supports her in everything she does and who grounds her in reality and humour. And she supports him, even when things seem not so great (he was recently laid off - a sign of the times, in this case). Now I cannot wait for them to get married so that I can stop calling him my favourite brother-in-common-law.

Wanna piece of me?

I am also deeply proud of my other sister.

We're so sexy, I know

She took a bold leap, quit her job (which paid well, but she loathed) and decided to take the plunge and go back to school to get an animal biology degree. This involved uprooting her and her husband, moving 500 km away, taking upgrading courses just to get into university, and working part time to support her nasty schooling habit. All the while, she has aced every course she tackled. I think she got 97% on her Chemistry 101 final. That or 100%. I cannot keep her ridiculously high grades straight. She is definitely heading towards a scholarship. All the while, she still manages to keep the glimmer of hope alive that she will, someday, provide my children with cousins. I will keep all my baby gear just for you, my sweets.

I love you, Talia & Stef. I am so proud of both of you.

The little sisters

Now make babies, k?

* I say mostly because she still calls me every friggin time she makes scotch meatloaves, even though I have given her the recipe numerous times, and it is posted on my blog.


  1. I acutally did think to myself, one of these times, she's just not going to give me the recipe anymore, I should probably write this down...

  2. I ACUTALLY think that is spelled ACTUALLY.

    And now you know it's on my blog and never have to call me again.

  3. Then she will call me for the recipe....
    And I am always proud of you, older sister. You rule in every possible way.

  4. I got the 97% in Chem 30 upgrading. I got an A+ in Chem 101. HAHAHAHA. Exact final grade unknown. 94ish, I believe.

  5. yAy for sisters! Growing up, my older sister always told me that she wouldn't hate me forever. Haha, and she was right!

  6. So sweet! I am proud of my baby brother in my own way, but we don't get along well... which is why even though we live in the same geographic vicinity he is very rarely featured on my blog... or in my life.


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