Monday, 9 February 2009

The Perils of Speech Therapy: Riddit, Riddit!

After months of incessant pointing and "eh! eh! eh!", I couldn't wait for Sacha to start speech therapy.

He has been working on bilabial sounds (insert childish snicker about the word bilabial here), specifically F.  Couple this with his love of pretending in the animal kingdom, and we get the following new edition of "Kids Say the Darndest Things":

Sacha is leap-frog jumping around the house this weekend, saying "Riddit!  Riddit!"  Obviously, we know that he is pretending to be an animal, and while we are pretty sure which amphibian he is imitating, we thought we would give him the benefit of the doubt and ask:

Tony: Sacha, what are you?

Sacha: Fuck.

Tony (mouth aghast, trying to contain the inevitable laughter eruption): WHAT are you?

Sacha: FUCK!  Riddit! Riddit! (resumes hopping on all fours)

Then this morning, while watching Curious George, we hear Sacha exclaim "Oh! Fuck!" I am sure you can deduce what George was playing with on the show.

Now, I have the daunting task of bringing to extinction all frogs so that he never says this in public. Must also find a way to avoid him pretending he's a frog in front of my grandmothers...oy vey.


  1. Oh, that is just priceless! For about a year, Miss-Miss didn't say truck, she said "fruck."

    Yeah. I hear you. :)

  2. okay, didn`t get the bilabial thing until you pointed it out. Then burst out laughing.

  3. All right, Sarah, that was the best laugh I've had in days, and I thank you (and Sacha) for it - I totally needed that :)

    Remind me to make a post about my own childhood speech problems which led to someone clearly thinking my dad let me watch porn as a kid...

  4. ha ha ha ha *snort* that's awesome! Even better than my mom trying to get my son to say "ask" and him leaving off the "k". Or always wanting blueberries... which comes out as boobies!

  5. Welcome to the "Mothers With Children Who Accidentally Say Fuck" Club. How did Sacha know we were looking for new members?

  6. This morning:
    Sacha, hopping on all fours, shouts out: Frog, me! But of course, it comes out in a XXX kind of way.

  7. Sarah, you MUST MUST MUST videotape this and save it for Sacha's 30th birthday party. Seriously. :)

  8. It is so lucky this did not happen in my house. Within minutes of that happening there would have been frog stickers everywhere. What can I say ... my maturity knows no beginning!

    I second Krista's motion for you to video it. Something as good as that would be a crime not to capture and play back to future girlfriends :)

  9. BWAHAHAHAhahaha! A long time ago, my sister had a hard time with "truck" and guess what it came out as?! Too funny! I third the "video" vote!

  10. HA! Okay, I do love speech therapy humor. I have worked w/so many kids whose ONLY word was "Fuck." Something about that combo of sounds that some kids just can't resist saying.

  11. Brilliant!
    Part of Jacks speech therapy was to copy everything we said, basically repetition of basic words..... This was all going really well until I had a near miss with some idiot who almost hit my car... Cue a couple of four letter words being repeated and ignored for a few days.....
    We also had a dirty minger (translated as finger, minger is a slang word over here for someone who's ugly. Not bad until he was pointing at me to show his dirty finger lol)
    we also had the truck one, only time he's ever ever managed to say an F on the front of his word without being prompted!


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