Friday, 25 July 2008

My disrecommendation for the day: The Unamzing Persona

The story continues.

Today, I called Telus to find out what the frick was going on. They said that they hooked up our phone from their end and that it should be working. So the fact that I was told to stay at home and wait for them all damn day when, in fact, I didn't have to be there at all really pissed me off. What's worse: I went to the house to check if the phone worked: it doesn't. No dial tone. Nadda.

I then waited for the Amazing Persona (even though they are very un-amazing in their service) cable guy to come around and hook up our cable internet. He called at noon, saying that there may be a problem. He said that if our house was the one he was thinking of, the house construction crew buried the trench in the front yard a couple of months ago before he was able to connect the cable from the house to the main box and down the street.  He then confirmed his suspicions by coming to the house and checking things out. He adds that the cable box and phone box (and lines) run adjacent to each other. He then tells me that he will look into the specifics of fixing this problem and get back to me next week. The front yard will need to be dug up.

My first question, obviously, is that of payment. Seeing how this home was to be cable (and phone) ready upon possession, I really don't think I should be paying for the cable company's retardedness for KNOWING that the cable was not hooked up but not doing anything about it until the humble consumer calls to set up cable internet service. Also, I should not be paying for the retardedness of the construction crew who filled in a trench before the appropriate utility hook ups were made.

Methinks the same issue of digging up the front yard will accompany the phone installation. Again, I am not paying for retardedness.

In conclusion, my disrecommendation for the day is Persona. Boo on Persona. And boo on dumbass construction guys for filling a trench before its time. And boo on not being able to start any landscaping until next year, leaving me with a yard that looks like this:

Backyard - rock picking time!


  1. Oh, ow. Asshat utility idiots. Ridiculous construction f#$%wads.

    I'm sorry, hon. I'd come up there and fix it for you if I could.

    You want I should come up and rough 'em up? :)

  2. Telus blows- hence why I went with Shaw phone= amazing!!!
    Telus did the same thing to us in one of our new houses. I specifically told them it was brand new= never had phone connected EVER! So they never show, I ask why and I got the same "we hooked it up all on our end, and it should be fine!!"
    Umm, no, nothing.
    Did I mention that its new construction? "Oooooh, that would have been good to know before, we are going to have to physically come out now and hook the line up"
    Ya effin think??? Thats why I told you in the first place you dumbass.

    Hope things turn around soon!

  3. yuck and double yuck. the hidden joys of moving... :)

  4. NO! you should not have to pay for stupidism
    make the construction company pay for it....uggg.
    I've never had a good experience with moving= telus

  5. Hey,
    I saw this story and thought of you. I guess you must now married to Jack Mustard -- there goes that military pension...


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