Friday, 23 March 2007

Cockroaches and Wheelies

I just wanna veg: munchupons, pants undone, slovenly-looking hair, guzzle a beer and relax.

Ok, so that doesn’t sound entirely attractive, but all I feel like doing is nothing. After a long day of trying to keep quiet and keep Sacha relatively quiet (an arduous task as he is Mr Chatterbox’s best friend, Chatteryourearsoff) while Tony is working graveyard shifts, and pushing Sacha around on his car, I am wiped. The car is intended to be used as a walker AND as a riding toy-car, but since he is not strong enough to walk with it, I am now a slave to the car and the pushing of it. And La Cucaracha (that means cockroach, right? Who would write such a catchy song about cockroaches, anyway?). Everytime he turns the steering wheel, it plays La Cucaracha. And Sacha knows this. And he can make it happen at will. Almost telekinetically. He just has to think to himself “turn left!” and it shall be done. And then I am forever stuck with that demon of a little tune in my head.

Does anyone know the real lyrics to that song? Or where I can get four gross of Bengay to rub on my back?

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